Bacchus Marsh Primary School’s literacy program develops each child’s ability to
speak, listen, read and write competently and confidently for the purposes of
communication, learning and enjoyment in our society. It is through the study of English that children learn to analyse, understand, communicate and build relationships with others and the world around them.



All students are provided with an opportunity to:

  • enjoy challenging themselves to achieve and feel successful;
  • develop their full potential in the areas of reading and viewing, writing and speaking and listening;
  • value literacy in their daily lives;
  • become confident in their literacy abilities; and
  • articulate their understandings in literacy.



We value the literacy program being based on high expectations of student achievements through structured, explicit teaching and assessment. A rich, stimulating learning environment supports students to develop literacy strategies and skills based around the VictorianCurriculum. Our literacy program incorporates the explicit teaching and learning of text types that the children will also read and write.


The following content strands form the basis for a comprehensive and
differentiated program for all students:

Language: knowing about the English language and how it works

Literature: understanding, appreciating, responding to and analysing literature.

Literacy: developing students' ability to interpret and create texts.


Bacchus Marsh Primary School provides an interwoven program during our daily two hour literacy block, where students reflect on and work towards personalised goals. The Bacchus Marsh Primary School spelling and word study program is sequentially designed to engage students in examining words in order to reveal consistencies within our written language system and to help students master the recognition, spelling, meaning and origin of specific words. Daily, independent student reading and home reading is positively encouraged and monitored. Our program is evidence-based with particular emphasis upon phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension in both reading and writing.




Home - school partnerships are critical to us and we endeavour to cement these links through Community Literacy Nights, Parent - Helper programs and special literacy events and celebrations. Special activities such as Literacy Week, Book Week, student displays, competitions and newsletters. serve to 'showcase' our children as authors and speakers. Students have opportunities to develop their public speaking and presentation skills at weekly assemblies.

Please find below documents from our 2019 Community Literacy Night:
Helpful Hints 1
Helpful Hints 2