Student Wellbeing

The school is committed to:
Nurturing in students a belief in their own worth and uniqueness

At Bacchus Marsh Primary School we:

Encourage all students to develop a high level of self-esteem, confidence and social awareness
Provide a challenging and comprehensive curriculum which is as broad and flexible as possible to meet the changing needs of society
Provide opportunities to extend the academic, creative, social, emotional and physical development of each student
Cater for individual differences to enable all students to experience success
Place emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills
Foster and develop personal qualities of respect for individuals in the school and the wider community through promoting cooperation, tolerance and consideration for others

"Our school values are respect, learning, integrity and teamwork"

Student Wellbeing
At Bacchus Marsh Primary School there is a consistent and positive approach to student welfare.

We are committed to the strategies of:

Giving positive reinforcement to improve self-esteem
Acknowledging and celebrating student achievement
Expecting individual students to take responsibility for their own behaviour
Providing support and supervision in the playground
Encouraging understanding and awareness of the school rules