Grade 5

Welcome to Grade 5, 2019.


This year our teaching team consists of:

5W - Wil Juarez/ Alicia Juarez

5E - Luke Elliott

5H - Cristy Havelberg

5J - Fiona Jonas

5T - Steve Tomaszewski



Term 1 - Healthy Lifestyles - Mind and Body (Health)

Term 2 - Economics (Consumer Education)

Term 3 - Goldfield to Pre-Federation (Australian History)

Term 4 - Our Place in Space (Science)



Our Literacy block consists of independent reading, guided reading and interactive read-alouds (based on the F & P Program), Word Study (based on the Words Their Way Program), Writing, and oral language.



In Numeracy we use  real life problems to engage our students. We explicitly teach important mathematical ideas, skills and problem solving strategies that students will draw on in their personal and work lives.



NAPLAN assesses students on numeracy, reading, writing and language conventions (spelling and grammar). It is conducted nationally for students in Year 3, 5, 7 and 9. We will be supporting students to manage their time under test conditions and with the literacy demands within the tests. At BMPS we use the NAPLAN as an independent assessment of our children. This enables us to be compared to the state and similar schools. 



Term 1 - Professor Maths Travelling Road Show

Term 2 - Roses Gap Camp

Term 3 - Sovereign Hill

Term 3 - Puberty Sessions


1:1 appointments can be arranged at any time to meet with your child's teacher about their progress, or any issues or queries that you may have.